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Process impact: This file as a dictionary of terms defined as they are used during the project. Writing out the definitions of terms and acronyms here helps keep other documents more concise and precise. A shared glossary helps prevent misunderstandings and makes it easier for new team members to be productive.
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Project-specific Terms

  • Define HTML anchors on your terms with id="TERMNAME" so that other documents can link to the definition of specific terms.
  • If there is any question about the meaning of a term, note it here. If someone (e.g., the customer) gave you a definition to use, note that here too. If something is best defined by using a hyperlink to another document or website, include a hyperlink in the definition.
  • If a term was used in the past, but is no longer going to be used, you should keep it in the list, mark it as "deprecated", and link to the term or terms that replace it. E.g., deprecated standard term bug.
  • Define only project-specific terms, or ones that a new team member would not know. Don't define standard textbook terms that can be easily found elsewhere.
  • This glossary can serve as simple domain model or data dictionary. You can define important data objects by describing their meaning and key attributes. For example, see student and GPA.
Class standing
Computed attribute of student based on number of academic units completed. Used to determine priority in course enrollment.
Real-world meaning of values:
FreshmanLess than 90 units
SophomoreBetween 90 and 180 units
JuniorBetween 180 and 270 units
SeniorMore than 270 units completed
n. The Graph Editing Framework. An open source library for editing diagrams (boxes and arrows).
n. Grade Point Average. GPA is a float between 0.00 and 4.00, accurate to 2 decimal places. Computed from average of completed course grades in transcript weighted by course units. Used to determine student ranking, and to trigger Dean's List and academic probation.
n. Acronym for the School of Information and Computer Science at UC Irvine.
n. A person who attends a school to earn a degree. Persistent attributes include: student_id_number (primary key), GPA, major, and years_at_school.
n. A senior is special type of undergraduate who has a certain number of course credits on his or her transcript. Years_at_school does not determine senior standing. TODO: how many credits needed?
A type of student. TODO: add more detail.
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