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Project Information

Interviewer(s): PERSONNAME
Interviewee(s): PERSONNAME
Date of Interview: DATE
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TODO: Copy this file once for each interview. Fill in the details. Link to this file from the "Notes from Interviews and Brainstorming" section of user-needs.html.
Process impact: Planning questions for interviews with stakeholders is key to effective requirements gathering. Good requirements are needed to build the right system. These notes should be kept as part of the documentation on user needs are referred to when the software requirements specification is written or updated.

Interview Questions and Answers

TODO: Before the interview, plan the questions you will ask. Afterwords, type up the answers you received and any additional questions and answers, and any new follow-up questions.
How did you learn about the need for this product?
What types of users are likely to use this product?
Can you give an example of how a user might actually use the product?
Is there any risk or downside to using the product?

New Questions and Action Items

TODO: Often early interviews will raise more questions than they answer. Note these new questions and what you must do to find the answer.
  • Can we do X?
  • Do we support Y?
  • Action item: research topic Z
  • Action item: Send follow-up email as per post-interview checklist
  • Action item: prepare for next interview with PERSON(S) on DATE

Other Interview Notes

TODO: Note anything else that came out of the interview, either explicitly or implicitly. Remember to confirm things that you picked up implicitly if there is any doubt. E.g., make a note if the interviewee uses an unusual meaning for a certain term. Add links to any documents provided to you by the interviewee.
  • NOTE
  • NOTE
  • NOTE
TODO: Check for words of wisdom and discuss ways to improve this template. Or, evaluate the ReadySET Pro professional interview notes template.
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