PRODUCTNAME X.Y.Z: Release Notes

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Product Release Information

Release Number: X.Y.Z
Release Date: YEAR/MONTH/DAY
Customer Support: For more information or support, please visit our website or email us at


This document contains the release notes for PRODUCTNAME version X.Y.Z. The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements the main documentation.

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This is a developer release for internal evaluation only. Please report any issues via the internal issue tracker.

This is an early access release for evaluation and usage by select partners. Your feedback is important to us, please help us make this the best product possible.

This is an early access release for wide evaluation and usage. Your feedback is important to us, please help us make this the best product possible. Keep in mind that we are continuing to work on PRODUCTNAME and things may change in the future.

This is the first full release of this product. See the product website for a complete description.

(WHEN X IN VERSION NUMBER CHANGES) This is a major release with many new features. Users of previous releases should check the "Version Compatibility" section below for instructions on how to use existing data with this new release.

(WHEN Y IN VERSION NUMBER CHANGES) This is an upgrade release with some significant enhancements. Users of previous releases are encouraged to upgrade.

(WHEN Z IN VERSION NUMBER CHANGES) This is a maintenance release that improves quality, reliability, and performance without adding any new functionality. All users of previous X.Y releases should upgrade to this release.

(WHEN DEFECT CORRECTION CLOSES SIGNIFICANT SECURITY HOLES) This is a critical upgrade release that addresses recently discovered security holes. All users of previous X.Y releases should upgrade immediately to this release.

What's New?

TODO: Briefly list major user-visible enhancements. Or, note that nothing major has been added. Technical issues should only be mentioned if this is a reusable software component that will be used to build larger products. Do not include issue numbers. Links to detailed information can be helpful.
  • Added 4 new play-back modes
  • Increased play-back speed by as much as 30%
  • (FOR REUSABLE COMPONENTS ONLY) Streamlined build process
  • (FOR REUSABLE COMPONENTS ONLY) Roughly doubled unit test coverage
  • Many improvements to the product's quality, reliability, ease of use, and performance. See "Recent Changes" below for details.

Installation and Upgrade Notes

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See the installation instructions for full details. Please note that in this release, ...
IMPORTANT: You must completely uninstall any previous "developer release" or "early access" version of this product before installing this release.
This release consists of the following items:
  • Release notes (this file)
  • Installation instructions / Quick start guide
  • Product installer binary
  • User guide
  • Product source code and build instructions
Minimum System Requirements
System Processor:800MHz
System Memory:256MB
Free Disk Space:10MB
Operating System:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux (kernel 2.4)
Networking:Internet access
Existing Software:
Standard e-mail client
Popular web browser (IE6, NN7)
SuperWaveEdit(TM) 2.0.2 (Needed for custom playback modes)
Version Compatibility
Files saved by earlier versions of this product may be used with this version. However, wave files saved in version W.Y.Z, must be updated by using the WaveUpgrade utility.

Recent Changes

TODO: Query your public issue tracking system to produce a report of changes in this release. Include the issue number, type, and one-line summary. Include issues that were highlighted in the "What's New?" section above. You may revise one-line summaries in the issue tracker, prior to generating the report, if you notice that they are incorrect. You may exclude or summarize changes that might give away valuable proprietary information.
  • FIX 09823 Screen frozen when caps-lock is on
  • FIX 09912 Static heard while downloading
  • FIX 10923 Repeat-mode cannot play more than 99 times
  • ENHANCEMENT 08237 Scratch DJ-mode
  • ENHANCEMENT 08238 Chill DJ-mode
  • ENHANCEMENT 08259 Retro stereo-mode
  • ENHANCEMENT 10202 Techno-mode

Known Problems and Workarounds

TODO: Query your public issue tracking system to produce a report of defects discovered in this release, or in previous releases that are still not resolved. Include information on workarounds from the issues. Otherwise, same as above.
  • DEFECT 07293 Player skips on very loud playback.
    • WORKAROUND: Limit volume to settings 1 through 9.
  • DEFECT 10509 Cannot switch directly from random play mode to Internet play-list.
    • WORKAROUND: Switch to local play-list first. Click here for detailed instructions.
  • DEFECT 10589 Static heard while booting
  • DEFECT 10944 Repeat-mode cannot play more than 999 times
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