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Meeting Minutes

TODO: Fill in the information above and write a brief summary of what happened at the meeting. The text below is just a sample.

We started on time with 3 members and the other team members arrived shortly thereafter.

In the first hour of the review meeting, we went over issues that the team had entered individually. Most of the issues raised questions about the error handling capability of, but there were also issues about multi-user robustness requirements and UI.

In the second hour, we read through all of the methods of All team members agreed that they understood each method and thought is was correct before we moved on to the next method. We raised issues of consistency between the constructors in that class and other classes. The checklist was helpful in identifying the fact that we needed to implement hash() and equals(). All raised issues were entered into the issue tracker and marked with the word "review".

Although, some issues were found, we do not feel that and need to be inspected again. HelloPanel was not inspected, it still needs review.

Action Items

All defects and tasks identified in this review are being tracked in the issue tracker.

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