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Process impact: This document helps identify potential customers and their defining aspects. That helps to suggest and give weight to requirements. The list of benefits gives the sales team information on how to sell the product, and highlights important use cases and test cases.

Target Audience

TODO: Fill in the information above and below. Provided answers are only examples. Delete them and answer in your own words.
What market segment is this product in?
Console video games. Specifically, first-person shooters.
Anti-virus software for cellular phones.
Open source development tools for SQL database design.
What is the target market for this product? Include specific defining characteristics.
Experienced console game players age 13-35 who enjoy first-person shooter games with detailed character animation models and cinematic segments.
Cellular phone users who frequently download ring-tones, video games, and other content to high-end phones and who are concerned about the potential for viruses.
What is the size of the total available market? Cite references for facts.
10,000 users [magazine article].
$10M, growing annually at 4% [industry analyst].
What are some other customer options or leading products that address the same needs?
Are there any known customers for this product?

Benefits to Customers

TODO: List high-level benefits that this product will provide. For each, identify the type of customer or user that will benefit. Each benefit should be in real-world terms, not involving just this product itself. You may want to highlight benefits that are not offered by competing products. Benefits to the development organization should be listed in Risks and Rewards.
TIP: If you can rank benefits by value, use numbered lists (the HTML <ol> tag), otherwise use bullet lists (the HTML <ul> tag).
  • Increases play-value
    • Many players enjoy games more when they play as a team.
    • Clans can greatly extend the time that a player plays one game, thus reducing the expense of buying new games.
  • Improves customer population
    1. Clan players often encourage their friends to play the same game, which gives game vendors more revenue.
    2. Clans help to organize the customer population and create channels of communication so that vendor information (e.g., about future releases) spreads more quickly with less advertising expense and delay.
    3. Clans attract the more experienced players who can give better feedback to game vendors.
  • Reduces current costs
    • Reduced staffing costs
    • Reduced training costs
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Reduced infrastructure costs
    • Makes current processes more efficient
    • Avoids penalty clauses of current contracts
  • Opens new business opportunities
    • Opens new sales opportunities
    • Improves sales success rate or size
    • Opens partnership opportunities
    • Triggers bonus clauses current contracts
  • Satisfies stakeholders
    • Satisfies shareholders
    • Satisfies partners
    • Satisfies management or executives
    • Satisfies government regulation or corporate policy
    • Improves morale
  • Helps take advantage of changing marketplace
    • Reduced inventory or need for advance planning
    • Speeds time-to-market
    • Optimizes supply chain
    • Reduces fixed costs
  • Type of benefit
    1. Most valuable benefit
    2. Benefit
    3. Benefit
  • Type of benefit
    • Benefit
    • Benefit
    • Benefit

Potential Downside

TODO: Could anyone be harmed or put at a disadvantage because of your system? List as above. Note, these are not risks to the success of your implementation, assume that you build the system as specified on time.
  • Privacy
    • When players opt into clans, they also opt into receiving marketing information from game vendors. Usually this is a good thing if the players are interested, but it can also be annoying.
    • Cheaters will be publicly named as cheaters and blocked from game servers, thus they lose the ability to play/cheat.
  • Type of downside
    1. Worst downside
    2. Downside
    3. Downside
TODO: Check for words of wisdom and discuss ways to improve this template. Or, evaluate the ReadySET Pro professional target and benefits template.
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