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Installation / Quick Start Guide

TODO: Fill in information about this product. Make sure to use the product name and external release number, not internal information.

Product Release Information

Release Number: X.Y.Z
Release Date: YEAR/MONTH/DAY
Customer Support: For more information or support, please visit our website or email us at support@COMPANY.com


This document describes how to install and get started with PRODUCT-NAME.

Minimal System Requirements

System requirements are described in the release notes.


TODO: Give detailed installation instructions. Make sure to test these instructions by doing them yourself on a target machine.
TIP: For development releases, or products that are reusable components rather than end-user applications, you should include information on needed development and bugging tools, e.g., Ant and JUnit.
What other software must be installed first?
Before you can install this product, you must install the following packages:
How do I install PRODUCT-NAME?
Please follow these steps:
  1. STEP
  2. STEP
    • SUB-STEP
  3. STEP
  4. STEP
How can I uninstall PRODUCT-NAME?
  1. STEP
  2. STEP
    • SUB-STEP
  3. STEP
  4. STEP
What if I encounter problems?
Please see the troubleshooting section in the FAQ.

Getting Started

TODO: Briefly describe how the user would accomplish one or two of the main use cases for new users. For development releases or reusable components, include instructions on running unit tests.
How can I run post-install unit tests?
  1. Compile the source code by typing "ant"
  2. Run unit tests by typing "ant test"
    • A brief report will be shown on the console
    • A detailed test report for any failed tests will be in build/testout.
How can I quickly get started using PRODUCT-NAME?
  1. STEP
  2. STEP
    • SUB-STEP
  3. STEP
  4. STEP
TODO: Check for words of wisdom and discuss ways to improve this template. Or, evaluate the ReadySET Pro professional installation guide template.
Company Proprietary
Copyright © 2003-2004 Jason Robbins. All rights reserved. License terms. Retain this copyright statement whenever this file is used as a template.