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Words-of-Wisdom: demo-script

Line-by-line Instructions

Who is the target audience for this demo?
What is your main goal for this demo?
What main points will you use to achieve your goal?
How much time is available to present the demo?
What equiptment and setup is needed to give the demo?
Demo Script
Anticipated Questions
Demo Checklist

Advice from ReadySET Users

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Tips for during the demo
by Jason Robbins
  • Turn off your cell phone, pager, AIM, screen savers, or anything else that might interrupt your presentation.
  • At the start of the demo, set expections about the length of the demo and what will be covered, so that your audience is not tense or disappointed.
  • If you are asked a question that you cannot anwswer, admit it and take an action item to find the right answer.

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