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Words-of-Wisdom: user-needs

Agreed Goals
This should be a summary of product goals agreed to by both users and developers. You might have a draft of this at the beginning of the project if you were given a problem statement by the customer. More likely, you would arive at this statement after you have completed requirements gathering. In either case, you might revise this statement as you learn the details of the problem and work through your solution. You should not have to revise it often, because details are best tracked in the use cases and feature specifications.
What is the system's business environment?
What is the system's physical environment?
What is the system's technology environment (hardware and software)?
Stakeholders / Actors
Notes from Interviews and Brainstorming
User Stories
Performance and Capacity Needs

Line-by-line Instructions

Advice from ReadySET Users

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Body of advice

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